Vedic Desi Ghee

Desi ghee using Desi process from the whole milk of Desi breed Indian cows

No buffaloes, foreign or hybrid cows! No added color, flavor, oil, thickeners or other chemicals!

₹900 per 500 ml PET jar. Shipping in India FREE for orders above ₹9000, else ₹300!

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Ghee, as traditionally known and used, is made from makkhan which should be obtained from whole milk curd of desi breed cows. Milk from buffaloes, hybrid or foreign breed cows does not have the potency mentioned in Ayurveda about desi ghee.

Ghee can be made in various ways:

  • Whole milk boiled -> converted into curd -> churned (using wooden churner) to get makhan -> warmed to get pure ghee
  • Whole milk boiled -> cream separated -> converted into curd -> churned to get makhan -> warmed to get ghee
  • Whole milk boiled -> cream separated -> churned to get makhan -> warmed to get ghee
  • Raw cream separated from unboiled milk using machine centrifugal process -> warmed to get fat (clarified butter)

Out of these, first one is the best process and brings most value for money.

Majority of commercial, so called ghee, is manufactured in mass scale using the last process. In fact, even the milk is from foreign or hybrid cows (see the difference here)

Raw material cost of real and non-real desi ghee:

  • 1 liter real desi ghee is made from around 25 liter whole milk joghurt. Once the milk is converted into joghurt, only chaas (buttermilk) can be used/ sold. Hence, cost of milk = ₹60 x 25 liter = ₹1500
  • 1 liter Non-real desi ghee is made from raw cream. From 25 liter milk, if 2 liter cream is obtained then remaining 23 liter milk is still sold as fat free milk! Cost of milk = ₹60 x 2 liter = ₹120