Toothpaste Ingredients Reality

This is the long awaited article in order to understand our daily toothpaste ingredients. I could write only on the famous international and Indian brands like Pepsodent, Colgate, CloseUp, Babool,Meswak, Neem, Sensodyne and Signal (click to see photo). They should cover majority of the global toothpaste market. If your toothpaste is not one of these, simply check ingredients on the tube and know the possible hazards.

Surprisingly, the brand names like Babool, Neem, Meswak also have lots of chemicals. Only thing is they additionally got extract of some herbs which is not going to reduce the harms from other added chemicals. Some toothpaste only describe the herbal content but not the other chemicals used in the paste.

My aim is not to de-motivate oral hygiene. Neither am I trying to promote/demote any particular brand nor am I claiming that the used chemicals are not beneficial at all. I’m attempting to bring forward the possible risks hidden behind the strong marketing campaigns of modern toothpastes. The list below is not all inclusive and for indication purpose only. The RISKS mentioned vary between persons, doses, method of injection, concentration and various other factors.

Why should dentifrice have harmful chemicals obtained from poor animals? Companies would never declare the unhuman source of the ingredients. Therefore, tooth powder with natural constituents is always better and healthier alternative because use of finger additionally offers massage to the gums which can never be achieved by toothbrush.